Monday, April 27, 2009

wong kok char chan teng



wong kok char chan teng

in jusco at taman equine , sri kembangan

black pepper pork chop rice . RM8.60

sunday dinner set . RM13.90
portuguese fried rice with bacon
fruits . cream soup n iced milk tea

my dinner - portuguses fried rice with bacon

my sunshine

simple dinner . simple post

Saturday, April 25, 2009

mmu prom night

it has been quite a long time i didn't update my blog
haha,this is simply because i have a really simple n boring life
which means nothing special happens offenly in my life XP
thanks to him who always brings me out n frees me from the jail of boringness
i had attended mmu prom night at sunway hotel with him n some friends..
i'm not a mmu student..ya..i study in uniten k..haha
so i was invited by him as his partner.. :)
not much photos was taken that day
cause his camera was going to out of battery >,<

some photos of us

dear,u look smart n handsome..hehe

yup colour is the best color for fatty me

i didn't have a nice make up that day

because i forgot to bring my lipstick

actually the main reason is i'm not good in grooming..haha

some captures inside the hall

the gentlemen n pretties of the night :)

they r always funny . crazy n nice

nicholas with us

he is such a nice guy

i knew him since fews years ago in mmu

(to nic: sorry, no photoshop for those pic,

i think they look nice n natural enough

hehe :D)





after the prom night

we went to euphoria(mos)

this was my 1st time to go clubbing

although i'm a noob in tempo n music

i still can feel the fantastic n crazy rhythm of the music

which can make your body moves n dances automatically

n i felt that my heart was beating madly with the tempo

besides,the lightning is awesome

n no smoking there :D

i heart u

can u hear it?

i really had a wonderful night

thank you for everything





Sunday, April 19, 2009


holiday ends
tis is an old photo of my uni
which was taken in the last day of my last sem break
and now
i'm having the same mood as that day

Friday, April 17, 2009



jack's birthday
"super happy birthday , jack !!
do take care of yourself
enjoy your life
n all the best
miss you !! "

result is out !!
hmm hmm hmm ...
got an A- in my Moral2
ok..fine..i had really tried my best..

finally taken off my braces!!
painful? happy? regret? sad?
yup..all in one..
i'm moody now..

my teeth are not so straight n neat enough
but they are better than before
i have to wear another braces for the next of my whole life..
although i can take it off anytime when i really makes me uncomfortable..
i can't speak well with this new braces.. :(

i still remember..
about 2years ago, i had decided to put on braces
i told him this is because i want to have a nice n sweet smile when i take my wedding photos..
wahahaha.. XP

here i wanna thanks to
my dad
my mum
everyone who is supporting me always
(friends n siblings, muakss, i love you all)

thank you very much
thank you for giving me such a beautiful(i think la) smile


no yellow background
bad drawing
dirty mirror

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2morrow !

is the day i have long waited!
hopefully everything will run smoothly~
wish me luck~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



today is a boring day
hmm..i'm so bored at home
PS:tat is my sis's little bear

tis is another photo of '3'
he likes it
but i prefer the bear 1
so i post both

Happy Wednesday everyone :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza 2009

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza is coming again!
It is only RM2 for each rice-based sushi on Kaiten Belt
from 13-16 April 2009 for members in West Malaysia
and 20-23 April 2009 for members in East Malaysia.
So,I went to Sushi King with my sis today..
Well,this was our 1st visit to Sushi King Bonanza..haha
Thanks to Mr.Tee who borrowed his precious Sushi King Card for us..
Thank you so much!
I only managed to take few photos
because i couldn't wait to start eating my yummy sushi~
wahaha~ XP

Here are our hot green tea~
After taken the photo on the left,
my sis asked me to turn the cup so that the logo of Sushi King can be seen..
as in the photo on the right.. :DD

Various kind of sushi on the Kaiten Belt..
After an about 2hours war with sushi,
we K.O. 16plates of sushi!! = =
We were so full until I almost vomit..

I feel that there are lesser types of sushi today if compare to usual..
especially less purple plate 1..
maybe is because we went there too early(?) haha..
however,we are still satisfy with those cheap and yummy sushi :DDDDD
So,don't miss out this event ~

After that,we went shopping at Terminal 1
and we had our tea time at Easy Way~
lol..I wonder what is our stomachs made of..
how can we eat n drink so much!
(i know this is the reason why we are so fat = ='')

My favorite bubble tea~I can't resist it~

My sis bought this..the bamboo flute!~♪
We are learning and playing it now :)

let's continue to countdown~

4 !~

I look so funny and extremely stupid in this photo.. in specs..I bought the specs at about 1year ago..but I never wear it outside..
because my mum said I look like Betty in 'Ugly Betty' !! *sob T___T
(I'm wearing braces too!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

countdown !

what's going to happen on this Friday??

wanna know?
i will tell you on Friday :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday ♫

to dearest yijie n shu zhe!!~

good luck n all the best

Friday, April 10, 2009

candy talks


once upon a time..there was a gummy bear village..

one day,gummy bears found a strawberry..

they had decided to move it back as their dinner..

the red gummy bears were the strongest bears in the village..

after trying hard..they finally moved the strawberry back to their village..

the villagers were so happy with the sweet and juicy strawberry..


haha..what a lousy and stupid story
just have fun with my gummy bears
i gummy bears

my chewy gummy bears


as what i had promised
chocolate strawberry cheese cake

it doesn't look nice
it does taste good

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I know you miss Broga

50-60 years you had left Broga
a place where you were born

you said you don't want to go back again because it is too far
but you still told me a lot about Broga

i know you miss there
so i brought you the sunset from Broga

ar gong(grandpa)
hope you are happy and healthy always

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[ I ] am always beside [ U ]

i wil always beside u no matter wat happen

Don't be shy

don't be shy
this is what i always tell myself
this is the 4th post of my blog
i still not dare to tell my friends that i have a blog
will u laugh at me?will u?
be brave
nothing to be scared
this is what he always tell me
actually i'm thinking to make this blog as my personal diary
m'i not going to share anything with u?m' i?
i know
u won't and i'm not :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Secret Recipe.Jusco.Seremban

my 1st saturday in my holiday
i went out for a date wit my dear at jusco,s'ban..
we went to hav our tea time at secret recipe..
hmm..the thought of eating at secret recipe seldom crossed my mind..
unless ther r promotions or birthday celebrations..
n my favorite cake in secret recipe is chocolate banana cake~
since my dear came out wit tis let's go for some cheese cakessss~

we ordered chocolate ice with cream n we shared together..

my dear ordered chocolate cheese cake at RM6.30
tis is yummy~so rich in choc n cheese~

lemon cheese cake @ RM6.30
nice nice nice~i like the sourness n sweetness of lemon wit cheese~
yum yum~ >ω<
me n dear
my hair is sooo messy >.<
actually i planned to make cheese cake at home tat day..
but but but..
after eating those cakes..i totally cancelled off the plan..
my tummy was so 'cheesssy' n full~
ok..i will make it another day :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

DainTi Hill.Pavilion

it was the last day of my final exam..
i know..i did really badly in my finals.. point of thinking about it was all over..
n the most important thing is i'm having holiday now~~~wuhooo~ \(≧▽≦)/

. ★ . ☆ . ★ . ☆ . ★ . ☆ .

i went to wit my dear tat bring our baby home..
hehe..our baby is actually my camera..we sent it to repair 2months ago..
after taking it,we had decided to go to DainTi hill at Pavilion to have our dinner..
here comes the photos of the day

the interior of DainTi Hill
the design n decoration is so nice n attractive
n the environment at there is really comfortable

the light is so special
modern tang dynasty style

wet tissue..RM 2 each..haha..

oat milk tea 胚芽奶茶 RM 10
nice drink
i always love milk tea

baked rice roll topped cheese 吉祥三宝 RM 24
it is a combination of fruits n seafood in a big rice roll
new style of Japanese cuisine
worth for trying

stew clams in tang style 唐风蛤蜊 RM 18
the calms r so fresh n sweet
u will definitely like this if u like to eat seafood

tempura calamari 椒盐花枝 RM 10
so chewy and crispy
taste even better after putting the chili powder tat comes wit it

mango mountain(yellow mountain) 黄山 RM13
we ordered it simply because it's name sounds cool
but actually it is not cool at all
seriously this is not nice :(
they should put more mango slides on top of the ice instead of so little of mango cubes

mix mix mix

water wit the taste of lemon
i think they do put lemon grass in the water
i like it

i know i look stupid

nice captures huh :p

nyak nyak nyak

we always love to comment
overall is good

n good service too
PS: haha..i focused at the wrong side
"Happy April Fool"
at the blurry side where the arrow is pointed

although we gt 50% discount from mystyle sms
it is still quite expensive
however we r satisfy wit it
will b back some day :)

Naza Italia
we saw it be4 leaving pavilion
i know nothing about cars
but i like the shinning red colour of it

cool silver man at jln. bkt. bintang
dun u think he is cool? :)

. ☆ . ★ . ☆ . ★ . ☆ . ★ . ☆ .

welcome home :)
(an old photo of us)