Wednesday, October 20, 2010

move move move

it has been a long time since my last post about gaming har
so today it is all about the famous ps move after our favorite wii

introduction of gears:

the toy camera

what do u think about this bubble head on the controller?~ for decoration only? definitely not.

this ball ball head is actually a RGB LED which can grow in different colour based on the environment/lighting condition captured by the cam. the light colour is distinguished from the rest of the scene so that player's position can be tracked accuratery by the cam.
The distance of the player is also extimated by the 2D light's image size of this uniform 3D spherical ball. Of course the system is not fully vision based, it has sensors inside the controller too.
so now u know the bubble is not only for cute decoration, it is a powerful tool for vision based detection purposes.

moving on to some demo games:
start the party! demo:

hit the bugs with the racket! the racket is the controller you are holding
i love my profile pic! nice pose~ :P

tv superstars demo:

hello ppl, i'm a superstar XP
three facial expression will be taken using the toy cam: natural, smile and angry
you can select your skin tone, face shape, hair style and hair color

natural look.. love the orange-ish bob hair style

there are many mini games that can unleash your superstar potential~
frockstar fashion show and let’s get physical
have fun being the famous one in this cute and funny game !

hahahahah! i purposely make it to get low marks in frockstar fashion show to show the 'angry' face~ wahahaha! laugh die me liao ! ugly leh !

enjoy sweating and burning calories~ have fun :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010


it is snowing!

and there is a theme park

everyone knows

Saturday, October 16, 2010


学期快结束了 剩下的就是一堆的功课和年终考
在大学生涯的第五年 我才学会了自我突破
怎么说呢 在fyp选题当天 敢敢死人在万里长城 以前的我一定做不到(怕死)

再来 再来 和一班很棒的朋友跑(走)了人身的第一个七公里马拉松(不准笑)

更严重的 超级旱鸭子 在某个周末white water rafting去了
说真的 有些小意外 挺惊险的

还有跟一班傻蛋一起吃buffet时一次过吃了六 scopes 的 ice-cream! 晕

subject registration 时也跑去玩了

感恩 我有一班很好的朋友
真的 从心感谢你们的陪伴与协助
泥 那个谁谁谁呀帮我add fyp题目的
那个一个两个 一起早起去跑马拉松的吖 还有那个很厉害自拍的 谢谢你陪我拖着我的烂鞋走那么远
还有吖 那班傻蛋 说真的跟你们一起去camp好爽哦!
嗯 认真的 其实我回想起你们焦虑的神情 我心里挺内疚的 谢谢你们游得那么快
同一班傻蛋一起吃雪糕 这个要特别感谢你啦 屁股人
还有还有 你们帮我add subj的 当然还有很多事要感谢很多人啦
所以 来来 请对号入座吧!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


26 September 2010
shabu-shabu @ bandar puteri puchong

RM29 per person
crowded without any good reasons

nothing special about the sauce (miss the sesame sauce @ beijing la wei)

nothing special about the soup base.. cheap frozen foods: fishballs, hot dogs .. hmm

what makes shabu-shabu so special ah then ?

the individual little boiling boiling pot

and each small portion of foods served on the conveyor belt
some foods might take forever to reach u

the must for shabu-shabu -- thinly sliced meat

and of course with friends ♥


jimui forever~ ♥

peiling's bibi

ta. ≧▽≦/

Sunday, October 10, 2010

affortable japanese buffet

right after our white water rafting camp on last sunday, 3rd octorber
we went for a japanese buffet located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong (hmm near 美子shabu-shabu there) for our dinner.. :)

kikyo @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong
RM29.9++ per person
dinner 6-10.30pm
dun misunderstand the pic.. it was empty inside because we were their last customers leave before closing har..

food photos.. not all from what we ate..

kikyo is an ala-carte buffet (not self service) it does not serve very expensive japanese foods like scallop, crab in jogoya, tenji and wherever.. but it has everyone's favorites such as unagi, salmon, sashimi.. and many more..
we experienced the insufficient unagi, prawn, salmon and bla bla bla provided by jogoya and tenji but definitely not in kikyo.. hehehe.. yummy and very satisfactory! u wil get addicted..

6scopes of ice cream: green tea, black sesame, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and wasabi!
share with ur frens if u stil wan to leave some space for other foods!

friends friends~ three girls r missing in the pic :(
thanks to uncle tee for ordering 6scopes of ice-cream for each of us and showing us his ugliest look while eating which make us ewww.. totally wanna vomit la wei XP
uncle tee and jason the gay were singing and dancing on the street that night.. hmm.. sucha sweet couple~

nice camp nice experience of white water rafting nice foods and nice friends
more gathering before we graduate har!
btw today is 10-10-10~ hee :D

Friday, October 1, 2010

love friday

1st October 2010 lah!

wuhuu! it's october now! the sem is going to end really soon :(
means i'm getting busy.. last minute assignments and reports wulala aih
i need more weekends ahhhh~~
i'm going to an one nite camp at pahang tomolo! will be back on sunday..
hehehe.. so excited! hope to have a smooth and safe trip la!
and hor, special thanks to my bubu dear for sending me some necessary items lu~
em~ em~ i will take care of myself.. no worries k~

we go mid valley today~ and revisit fong lye restaurant@the garden for our lunch..

so empty? we are their first customer today.. haha..

seats for two

milk tea in a cute cup RM6.30

his spicy chicken chop set RM19.80
every set comes with three side dishes and a bowl of soup

the chicken chop.. taste ok ok hmmm

my steam fish with pineapple set RM19.80
too salty.. and the only slide of pineapple is super sour! and hor and hor the fish fillets taste quite xing(fishy?) :(

the worst side dish that i ever had! super smelly and dirty intestine!! yuck!

but they have my favorite rice cake(nian gao).. QQ lo~ taste so so only..

the soup of the day.. some kind of clams soup? don't really like it.. they put a lot of ginger to get rid of the xing(fishy?) taste of the clams.. :(

a must at fong lye, sweet potato ball RM5.30
i feel like the balls are much more smaller compare to last time = =''

yer.. really bad.. it costs about RM60 for two of us.. not worth at all..
we will not going back to fong lye again lah.. btw.. their new branch at sunway pyramid is going to open soon hor..

after gai gai and window shopping a while.. we go i love yoo! to have some drinks~

cute name they have!

soy milk
hehehe.. i want to try their porridge set next time.. and dabao chicken chop from shi ling beside them~ :P

dada! my dinner~ super love subway~ :)
they should open a branch at coe food court ah wei~

ok la~ good night and sweet dreams everyone~

love you :) sha bi