Sunday, August 29, 2010

paddington house of pancakes

13 August 2010
a sweet sweet black friday @ paddington house of pancakes|mid valley


bubu's hands

couldn't recall the name of this dish..
it's something like pancake with chicken chop, fresh prawns and salad
served with their unique sauce..
quite nice but i prefer sweet-taste pancakes than salty-taste's

treasure box. with generous servings of dollar pancakes, strawberries, peaches, banana, raisins and almond nuts topping with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce~ +honey~ yummy

happily enjoy my lunch with sister (: n definitely love their pancakes
however we had learned some lessons that day - make decision firmly and unshakable | dun trust/influenced by ppl easily | dun judge a book by its cover and dun take ktm from midvalley( keep delay n is super duper crowded until couldn't squeeze up to the train but i like the ktm ladies coach service ^^)

take care lo bu xiu
miss u har hehe (:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

sakea sushi

26 August 2010
great dinner @ sakea sushi | IOI mall

here come the delicious foods ♥

soft shell crab sushi

prawn sushi

chicken with cheese

dunno-what fish sushi

candle blossoms salmon sushi

all sushi in sakea sushi look really nice and appetizing~

chewy squid teriyaki with lots of garlic~ ♥

fried scallops~ love scallops! ♥

our hand roll sushi!~ wuhuuu~

spicy salmon hand roll sushi RM1.90 each (: cheap and nice

tofu~ soft and smooth~ yum yum~

dunno-what fish tempura

pls ignore ar keng.. focus on the eggs inside~ haha

love this very very much~ belly yummy salmon belly! n we have this for 2 plates! ♥
skin layer of the salmon is crispy and a bit salty follow by a smooth layer of salmon fish oil and finally the juicy meat layer~ melt in our mouths~ yur~ beah tahan liao..hungry liao lo >3<
luckily we have great recommendation from peiling, ar keng's suggestion and my agreement to try on this ~ hahaha

ah keng is happy with his 'yeng yeng' de pic from peiling's camera~ haha

haha.. beah tahan~

oh btw.. sakea sushi is having buy 1 free 1 red plate tea time(3-6pm) promotion on monday to friday.. limited to buy 5 free 5 red plates per transaction per table

huhu~ they make me fall in love with japanese foods again haha
our next target is tao japanese buffet ah ♥
couldn't wait any more >3<

Monday, August 23, 2010

no regret

bu xiu, nothing to be regretted in getting a little macro monster
instead of the interesting high tech panorama creature

Saturday, August 21, 2010

happy belated birthday

to my mum

yummy mille crepe from Malacca :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i need fresh air

peri-peri ♥

17 August 2010
nando's @ the mines

chickens! ♥ yummylicious


super duper love their sauce

and definitely love their chips too

ji mui ♥

ah keng is kinda busy nowadays and it's so difficult to have date with him as we need to make appointments early and wait for our turns whatever la ah keng don't forget 'hongki' dim sum and steamboat har har har!

hungry liao

Sunday, August 15, 2010

对于谜茫的未来 我想好奇地瞧一瞧
心里空空的 我已不想有任何的牵挂

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

randomly share

no special things to be shared recently en ya my house got this - a souvenir cupboard kept by my dad . Various souvenirs brought back from different countries all over the world .

they are something from Europe .

or things like Doremon from Thailand . clay doll from China . koala bear from Australia

and still remember the snoopy set from MCD ? heh XP

have a nice day :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

she is so lovely

my pan nini she is a brave girl like a baby bear

Monday, August 9, 2010

dim sum day

a fine sunday morning queue up for dim sum with my family and u know here is the restaurant in seremban which is not the best but is fullhouse as always

always the yummylicious egg tarts! and this one is truly nice~

dim sum siu mai~

sluuuurrrrppp~ saliva dripping huh?

cha siu bao my likey too

porridge is simply nice

crispy fried prawn thingy always goes well with the mayonnaise

P/S: ah keng, ting ting, monica, peiling, yijie~ jimui gang~ let's go puchong find 'hongki'~ haha~

Sunday, August 8, 2010

guess who is back

is my bubu sista coming back from india haha

so 1000d n lenses flash are all back too heh


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

框 | Frame

每个人的审美观 都不一样 眼光 喜欢的口味 也会随着时间 一直改变
以前我都很喜欢拍打直的照片 也许是打横拍相机会顶到鼻梁的关系 ( 我很少用live view )
有一天 突发奇想问我妈 为什么电视机 电脑 的荧幕 都是打横的 人都喜欢看打横的画面吗 嗯 打横的画面在视觉上的确是比较宽阔 从那时开始 就慢慢的 习惯性 喜欢上了 拍打横的照片啦
照片在比较复杂的背景 或是有很多多余的东西干扰的情况下比较难突现主体/主角
玩深景 的确可以达到专注在主角的效果 把不要的都模糊掉 哇哈哈 bokeh 和 closeup 一直都是我的最爱 所以 败了一粒一点都不wide的lens 就去一档旅行回来就有点后悔了(一点点罢了啦)

第一难 不够wide 又zoom不远 = =‘’
第二难 人多到爆 什么mood都没有掉了
第三难 一向不拿手拍风景照

一气之下 就拍了这张很怪的照片 黑色那片 其实是我的手指来的 注意到了吗 我尝试着把一大片的人潮盖掉了 swt掉下 = =‘’

用手指当相框 也是有天 突发奇想 心血来潮 手多多 发明的 看看是哪张
按这里 :)

既然镜头不够宽扩 拍不完 就来点别的
把当地有特色的围墙 门窗 当相框

框上 专注在她认真的神情上

也能用在拍人文 写真上 别一番风味

喜欢 自然的表情和生活写真 :)
抛弃了 丰富的颜色 和锐利的照片
最近最近 就喜欢 这种味道

如果 喜欢框框 不妨试试看吧 :)

. . .

今天 我家大姐生日
呵呵 老姐 祝你 生日快乐 早日嫁人吧 XP