Monday, January 31, 2011


嗯 一年一度的农历新年要到噜~
这几天细雨绵绵不断 终日不见太阳 这种天气躲在家里烘焙年饼 最适合不过了





 哒哒 让人又爱又恨的炸慈姑片完成噜~ 说真的做这个真的又累又麻烦的

再来 每年必备地凤梨酥又称黄梨饼 我的最爱 从小到大不变的美味~ 感动~ 

 妈妈很喜欢这个新的搅拌机~ 她说哥哥好眼光  买得又平又靓~

 用了好多黄梨 果肉故意不切太碎炒成的果酱 吃起来会有些脆脆爽口的果肉也~




抹上薄薄的一层蛋液 烘出金黄色的外皮

成品~ 焦掉那几个绝对不是我烘的~ 啦啦啦~边做边吃~

新年美食实在是难以抗拒啊~ 今年绝对又是一个大‘肥’年~
还没到新年我的好妈妈已经开始煮好料了啦~ 还有肉干一大堆任吃~
啊妈啊~ 不要酱疼我把我养肥肥啦~ 哭泣~

新年前 一家人一起办年货 一起做年饼 一起大扫除 挂上红包灯笼 
听听街道电视电台播放的新年歌 邻居小孩放的烟花炮竹声
这就是新年气氛 归家团圆的美好时光嘛 好噜 先祝大家新年快乐吖~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

everyone loves Levain.
comfy environment yummy pastries
a wonderful breakfast at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie


The topping is awesome! hard to resist huh

cute bun :)

quite hard the bread. but the pizza topping is delicious.

start killing ar

a big bowl of creamy yummy mushroom soup. *like

definitely will get myself some macaroons next time.
lahaa, super short this post.  :P
will do a better post for my next visit k~
back to my thesis writing :(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

friday's birthday celebration

21 January,
it was a genius's birthday, we had a celebration for him at TGI Friday's @ IOI mall.

sharing with yijie
our salad is yummy~ *like

shengji pipi, the birthday boy's

peiling's and weizeng's
something cheesy

there are other foods from others but they are too far from me and it's not good to let others wait for you to take photos. After eating, we have a birthday celebration from Friday's.
and haha the birthday boy is standing on the chair

holding Friday's special microphone singing like an idol yur

see, he is so happy with his birthday cake :D

personally don't really like the environment at TGI Friday's
dim light and noisy, hard to chit chat with the whole gang.. weird
sorry for the bad photo quality, i feel like i have at least hundred years did not use my camera
i'm too lazy.

happy birthday, shengji pipi :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Super Sapo omg!!
Trying blogbooster app on iPhone . Got to go. Ta till next post.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the birthday of the keng

21 Dec 2010
haha, two years before the end of the world. it is ar keng's birthday.
we had a celebration for him at seoul garden @ IOI mall.

random ingredients pic #1.

random ingredients pic #2.

nice sources.

bbq steamboat is nice :D

nice nice

yummy yummy


tze wei looks like a little girl when eating ice cream~ too cute :D


ar keng with his ice kacang.

colorful ice-cream

finally the birthday cake.

the funny keng was still holding his camera when we were singing birthday song to him.
it was the time to clap your hand and make a wish la ;P

ah keng with his cake

the birthday cake

ahmm.. it was too surprise and touching for ah keng :P

ah butt shengji with his piggy nose. nice capture. = =''

monica is too cute :D


ji mui~

ar keng is taller hmm

but the truth is always cruel. = =''

good brothers.

ar keng doesn't look like ar keng in this photo.

kacau-kacau outside the shops

snapping chatting laughing

good jimui :)

our group photo from ah keng.
he is the legendary 自拍 keng.
record of the day: squeezing 12ppl in a photo using 18mm wide lens.

happy birthday to u last year ah keng.