Saturday, July 25, 2009

puchong yong tau fu

this is the second time i went for the famous and delicious yong tau fu
at puchong yong tau fu~
the restaurant is always packed

fresh tau fu pok, fu juk(bean skin), red chili, lady's fingers, bitter guard and eggplant
can be chosen and after that they will stuff them with
so their yong tau fu are all freshy made

crispy fried yong tau fu
surprisingly big portion for only two of us
I strongly recommend the fried stuffed tofu pok which is really crispy
with the chewy fish meat stuffed inside~
however their fried veges yong tau fu like fried eggplant is quite oily

a big bowl of soup yong tau fu
they do put sayur manis in the soup which is quite special
as sayur manis is normally put in pan mee soup only

we ordered for dry spicy pan mee 麻辣版面 instead of white rice
their spicy pan mee is really super super spicy!!

there are other foods like ji bao gai(paper-wrapped chicken),
curry or rendang chicken and pan mee
i think the yong tau fu is RM1 per piece
overall is nice :)
Daidomon at great eastern mall is having japanese buffet promotion!!

who wants to go??
i wanna go~bring me along if you want~
haha :D

nothing special

a simple lunch before i went green box with him

''ying yong'' with grass jelly RM3.80

stir fried chicken with creamy(??i think is thousand island la) RM7.80
salty, not nice

steamed chicken meat with chine (huh??is 花雕酒 gua ) RM8.80
salty, a bit ok

super weird food names i got from the receipt =__=
and those foods are not nice

after that we went shout loud loud and madly in ktv room~ :D

Monday, July 20, 2009

r a n d o m

this is the 1st time i went green box with my ji mui
seriously, i cant sing
so i just eat and drink and lay on the sofa and listen songs~
this will be the 1st and the last time
they will ask me to sing with them
after listening to my xxx sound = =
it is fun to hang out with them :)

have fun


jusco at seremban had boom yesterday
everyone was chased out immediately when the alarm rings
this is not the 1st time
ppl inside cinema and green box still had to pay for their unfinished movie and singing section

however, i went there again the next day
randomly post for our lunch at hongkie kopitiam at jusco
just a really normal and not tasty lunch



simply i love u and u love me

Monday, July 13, 2009

tarot cafe @ seremban

i think most of the seremban-ian know this cafe
and maybe some go there very frequently for yam cha
but this is the 1st time i went there
what is so special about this cafe is they used the concept of Tarot just like its name,
tarot cafe on their decoration and drinks which
can be ordered based on calculation of your date of birth

let's see some lousy photos from the menu

here is the way to calculate
example : date of birth is 01-01-1986
so just 1+1+1+9+8+6=26
then again 2+6=8
so your drink is no.8 ~simple and fun~haha

this is mine~
no.7 , the chariots~ RM6.90
since the menu will not provide the information of the drinks
so i had totally no idea about what kind of flavor is my drink until it is served~
quite excited huh..syok sendiri..haha >,<~

the chariots in front -mixture of cream, coffee+chocolate, mango and sago
iced lemon tea behind
i like the chariots but dear doesn't
he can't accept the taste of mango+coffee
and it is a bit too sweet..

many ppl advised not to order their foods
but i really wanna try and know how bad their foods are

curry chicken noodles 塔罗劲咖哩面 RM7.90
better don't order this if you have chance to go there
the chicken is not fresh = =

set lunch A (?) RM8.90
i can't really remember this

can't remember what chicken is this which is served with rice, herbal soup and veges
this set is not bad

iced lemon tea which comes with the set

total bill: RM23.70

the environment is quite comfortable
see my dear was so comfortably enjoying his drink on the sofa :)

perhaps their special drinks and nice environment are the reasons to attract many ppl to go there

i'm cool XP


i woke up at 5sth in the early morning to KLIA on sunday
i'm not the one who wanted to depart or arrive
wuhuu~is my sis finally back after completing her 7 years of study overseas
congrats congrats~
and today my uncle and his family is coming back from Switzerland for their summer holiday dad has to go KLIA again to take them..
and i will have many chocolates to eat!!~
hurraay~ :D

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS @ the mines

i went out with friends and him for continuously three days..since this is the 1st week of my new sem..i have to enjoy enough enough before all the quizzes, assignments and tests come in the following weeks~i went movie with my crazy gang~ice age 3!~funny and cute movie~haha
before that..we randomly chose kenny rogers roasters to have our dinner (i eat so many chickens for these 3days!!!= ='')

ar keng~our ji mui~

everyone of us chose quarter meal(Roasted ¼ chicken with 3 side dishes & 1 Kenny’s Home-made Muffin)


side dishes: garden pasta salad, macaroni and cheese and mashed potato with gravy

yijie's and keng's

side dishes: fresh fruit salad, coleslaw and mashed potato and gravy


side dishes: coleslaw, garden pasta salad and fresh fruit salad
only the fresh fruit salad was quite nice..the other two were not fresh and tasteless..

3 assorted flavours: Golden Vanilla Muffin, Banana Raisin Muffin and Chocolate Raisin Muffin. i tried for banana raisin muffin but it is without raisin and is too sweet for me.

i prefer nando's although kenny rogers is cheaper..kenny rogers has different foods quality in different restaurent of kenny rogers..and this time everyone was really not satisfied with it..

dear yijie and keng

pei ling and me lo
my head looks so big and round compare with peiling = =''

our group photo~
the result of taking photo without holding the camera with two hands blur
plus the mirror is so dirty ok :P

after movie we went for yam cha until 4am sth
and i woke up at about 8am without alarm for class
so my brain was dumber than normally due to lack of sleep
= =''
no more next time gua
i'm not use to sleep in so ''early in the morning''

Friday, July 10, 2009

revisit chili's @ mid valley

since yijie and i were so so so miss the yummy tummy taste of chili's.
i went chili's again!!
this time i was going with my dearest friends~
it is fun to hang out with friends~
can chit chat nonsense~and laugh as loud as i like~muahahaha!~

hmm..i got really bad quality photos under low light condition :(
so most of the photos are blur and ugly..

cute cute yijie~

pei ling

ar liang
thanks him a lot to bring us there :)

ok..finish introducing the ppl
now is the time for delicious foods~

''Strips of hand-battered chicken fried to perfection.
Served with sweet corn on the cob,
honey-mustard dressing & homestyle fries.''
@RM 22.95

''a juicy 11 oz. lamb shoulder, marinated and grilled to perfection.
Served with mashed potatoes, fresh veggies and garlic toast''
@ RM24.95

"Strips of chicken hand-battered then breaded and fried to perfection for that extra crispy crunch and topped with out spicy and smoky honey chipotle sauce.
Served with sweet corn on the cob and homestyle fries."
@RM 24.95

no doubt, the foods are delicious although it is at expensive side.
you can get bottomless drinks at chili's and their foods are in really big portion.

~friends forever~ hair just look like a helmet = =''so ugly