Sunday, November 4, 2012


Nah~ I will be back in a jiffy~

if not

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If you are wondering what application am I using to create my travel list's pictures in my sidebar. This is the post that you must read. Yup, it is time for iOS apps again!



Introducing DecoSama by Vitamin V.

It provides lots of cute illustration that allow you to decorate your pictures or design your own cards. Other than that, you can add text in different font, font size and colours as well.
Alright, it's time to unleash your creativity. ciao~

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Taipei Day 9 | Happy Ending






那个 芒果雪糕很好吃~

最后, 我们都把钱花光光在吃(长肥肉上)~ =3=''

我应该是AA的忠实客户吧。 我妈说我跟AA的贵机票很有缘。。这还像话吗 =3=''

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The last four months of 2011

I went to Cameron Highlands with my family. It was about 10++ years ago since my last visit to Cameron. There are many many many tourists and cars nowadays. Be prepared to be stuck in the traffic jam during weekends and public holidays. The pasar malam is not to my liking anymore. I miss the simple pasar malam 10 years ago. They were selling more natural and cheaper things and plants (especially roses~ nyak nyak~ ). Cameron jagung (sweet corn) is very very sweet. Charcoal steamboat here is very popular too. Steamboat is definitely the best dinner on a cold highlands night. But I'm not sure about the advantages of using a charcoal pot. The smoke coming out from the burning charcoal is rather annoying. Cactus, strawberry, flowers farms are my mum's paradise. And, not to miss out the tea plantation, Sungai Palas Tea Plantation which has really really awesome view~ I really enjoyed the moment choosing some weird looking cactus with my siblings n mummy.. you will get all the surprises and laughters on a weird n funny looking cactus you got. Let's see what we got!

Does it look like the FF cactus (cactuar) ? cute right ?

Bali! Yes, I went to Bali with my friends. We named the trip as "不能说的咪咪". =3='' We actually booked the air ticket a year ago which was real cheap. Bali is definitely awesome! Awesome paddy field, awesome temple, awesome culture, awesome frangipani, awesome water sports, awesome night life, awesome beer, awesome food and awesome people! I love Bali! Balinese food is seriously good~ Babi guling, pork satay, dirty duck, seafood, layer cake and even the random fried rice from a random restaurant tasted real good (or we were just too lucky). Ah, one thing I don't like about Bali is the drinking water! It is salty.. and the tea tastes weird as well.

大海无量 !!

I was working in a Swiss company in Malacca for four months.  This is the main reason why I had disappeared from my blog these four months (I don't want to admit that I was just too lazy LOL).  Malacca is such a wonderful place. as my dear use to say Malacca is a romantic place because it has beautiful paddy field and seaside. and I guess nobody will oppose me if I call it as a food paradise. Four months was just not enough for me to try all the recommended foods by my colleagues. Satay celup, lala, oh jian, nyonya laksa, duck noodle, chicken rice ball, ikan bakar, satay, mille crepe, putu piring and many many more.. they are heavenly delicious~ But I hate going to Malacca town during the weekends. The traffic is super duper jam jAM JAM. AH! and I definitely hate the traffic lights. There are many traffic lights along the road and all of them are something wrong with their timing.. Malacca, why red light is always so freaking long time?!! =3= 

Company annual dinner.
I am so thankful to know my colleagues. They are my mentors and my best friends as well. 
It is one of the greatest things to meet you all in my life. 
Long live Vision team!

P.S 1:Thanks to ws zai, who found me a nice accommodation in Malacca. and ah dong and the handsome jinhern for treating me '好料' in mlk.  :)
P.S 2: Thank you '小薇啊'~ for taking me to play badminton every Wed. :)
P.S 3: Thanks to cy tan and my neighbor uncle, who helped me to change my punctured tyres (3 times!! why?!! =3='') .
P.S 4: Thanks to yy, who saved my car battery n treated me a nice lala meal. :)
P.S 5: Thanks to my big head dear for visiting me during the weekends :) 

2012, challenge accepted !

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taipei Day 8 | Part 2











陈三鼎 青蛙撞奶 (超级推荐!)
超级好喝, 浓浓的鲜奶加上黑糖珍珠, 赞!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taipei Day 8 | Part 1

Day 8
乌来老街 – 乌来泰雅民族博物馆 – 乌来台车 – 乌来瀑布 – 云仙乐园与缆车 – 公馆






好大一只, 好恐怖

云仙乐园, 环境很不错。 不过有点闷。。