Wednesday, December 15, 2010

levels between 0 and 255

the camera sensor collects light intensity. and each pixel records a grayscale level between 0 and 255.
view from my apartment in the late evening.

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dinner buffet

it was a dinner two months ago, i couldn't recall how does it taste like. there are mainly malay, indian and chinese foods. not too bad i think. enjoy the photos lah. ta

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

random oh random.

laksa n milk tea as the breakfast.

fantasy theme park.

driving lesson.

cooking mama. she can really teach you how to cook.

be aware of the guy behind the tiang.


on the way to snow world.

it is a memorable place for him.


ferris wheel turns.


cheesy wedges are always yummy.

move forward.

they are happy with the indoor theme park.

it was a random day at Genting.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yuen Steamboat Buffet

29 nov 2010
Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant @ Bandar Sunway
we followed ar keng's car decision after snowflake to have our gathering dinner at Yeun.

their famous bbq chicken wings

 ingredients for our steamboat



start lu

boiling tom yam n' herbal soup

 ah keng with ar paul, the octopus


 watermelon n' jelly


  meet the handsome guy, mr.cake, weisheng

 the good gor gor, inklerk

 botak head weizeng, u are getting fatter ar, u see, chongheng is so thin leh :P

 cute cute yijie n the pattern banyak-banyak keng

 peiling n ar bu

 ar bu ar bu leh

the ugliest, shengji :P

it's really nothing to shout about the foods n' ingredients
but it's worth to gather with awesome friends :)
more gathering, less buffet pls :P