Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My diary

I have got myself a new way to record my daily thought and feeling. yup yup, I bet some of you might have known what app i am using by simply looking at the notecards below.  Notica app !! wow~ you guessed it right~ I really like the effect of the notecard created by using notica. It is simple yet so lovely. don't you think so? :)

I love the way I smile like an idiot~ wahaha~
I know I am a lucky person. I always appreciate every chances or opportunities I have. However, it is always hard for me to make the best choice.. I can't even define what does the word 'best' meant to me.. is it what I want the most? My situation has reminded me of the poem 'The Road Not Taken'. Nobody knows how and where the road will lead you to.. and there is no turning back.. .. ahhh !

yes, nothing beats the blue sky. Let's hope for a better future. Peace



Monday, June 6, 2011


bakzang/zongzi (rice dumplings) is the signature food of Dragon Boat Festival. it is one of my favorite traditional foods. and i'm so lucky to have my mum who is really good in making bakzang~ 

the making of bakzang

the fillings: Glutinous rice, Pork, Shiitake,Chestnuts, Salted duck eggs

glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves

wrap tie boil

nah nah nah~ tastes superb!~ :D

she makes the best bakzang in the world  ♥

 Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Sunday, June 5, 2011

jimui's gathering

so it was our last gathering before our graduation

the last pic i took from my apartment before i left
murni oh murni
i just remember lizards were everywhere in the room

we had chosen the curve+ikea as ah keng never been there before.. (ehmm.. me too)
it is quite far from uniten ma.

we had our lunch at Marché Fresh
The Marché Fresh Concept offers "meals like in the market place"
everyone will get a card from the entrance. the card is used to collect chops from the 'food stalls'. and payment is made based on the collected chops when u r leaving.

jasmine(just-a-minute), she is a sweet girl ♥

delicious crepe

 lunch of the day
chicken chop with butter rice

nice environment n i love their fresh juice !
we chitchat from day to night and from the curve to ikea to harbour steamboat at bandar baru sri petaling and finally to putrajaya


hey jimui sekalian, miss u all ah ! hmm..

Friday, June 3, 2011

cont. of his birthday post

continue his birthday celebration post
after our brunch in levain, we actually spent our whole day in bukit bintang area
we got ourselves chatime bubble tea during the tea time
i ♥ bubble tea with lots of pearls

the 38 lao called himself as leng zai

 chatime at time square
not my favorite bubble tea

hey u, look here

nah ! do u like my big eye? ;P

dear dun jia jia act cool har

i ♥ pearl

some random shot that i likey
i named it his dirty shoes :P
so bar b q plaza was where we had our dinner
i wanted to treat him a better and classy meal but he refused

bar b q plaza at time square

the hot plate

pork slices



delicious sauce

i love the simple and natural taste of the ingredient which has not marinated. :) 
and it even tastes better with the sauce. the recipe of the delicious sauce is just as simple as chilli padi and garlic mixed with the sweet sauce~

happy super-belated birthday

Thursday, June 2, 2011

those sweet memories

were as beautiful as the strawberry grown

taste sweet and slightly sourish

time flies

but i will never forget you in my life

his name, 
a little bit means moderate
please forgive me
rest in peace my forever love