Tuesday, November 30, 2010


20 nov 2010
a random post for a random window shopping day at Pavilion.

 i love crewy pearls/bubbles.
personally think that their bubble tea tastes quite normal. nothing to shout about. maybe other flavor is better?

relax relax tap tap. he couldn't beat my record :P

ding ding ding~ Christmas is coming to town~ Pavilion has really nice Christmas deco.
LED lights on the Christmas tree always create yummy bokeh :D
maybe i should make some other shapes of bokeh light for fun (tutorial pls click here).

random christmas deco at Pavilion

 ah love. see. i have a really big eye :P

 Harajuku Japanese Crepes

dada~ greentea cream + red bean paste crepes
the texture is too soft and creamy.  
Carl's Jr as lunch is much more better than the crepes :P

last day of Nov 2010.

MAHA Exposition 2010 | Floriculture

For the local industry hall, they have exhibition on machines for industrial used which are not my interest. Useful information can be obtained from each booth.

 kelapa sawit (oil palm)

 the seeds



 she is so crazy about flowers and plants. ><

 fish fish

after that we walked to the outdoor booth area located outside the 'Dewan Utama'. They are selling handicraft, batik cloth, clothes, and the other side are plants and flowers~

  They eat bugs.

 rosemary, their juice taste like Ribena.

welcome to the world of orchid
 i have totally no idea about their types and names

 orchid #1

 orchid #2

orchid #3

 orchid #4

  orchid #5
i like this. the flower looks like a dancing fairy~ :D

orchid #6

 orchid #7

 orchid #8

 orchid bud #9

 chili. this is spicier than the big chili.

the longer one.


 i love rose!


could they be the watermelon plants

asking the bus to go back to car park

 buses. there are a lot of ppl carrying dslr :) those orchids are too beautiful~
at the booth near to the bus station pintu 2 (car park 2),  morning glory

seed vegetable RM1 each

cute rabbit RM45 each

before we were leaving, there are actually another area near to pintu 2 selling local fruits, vege, and orchids(flowers and plants again)

 sweet corn

Sweet potato

 local fruits, tropical fruits

ppl mountain ppl sea~ haha



rose apple

duku? langsat? duku langsat? = =?

 a lonely guava
she might has pink color meat

 guava juice, pink and green

 super huge jackfruit which is about 40kg each ar!  =口=''

coconut shake!
we had not enough time to visit to the exhibition of each state at the lake(/river)side. and poultry/animal exhibition too ):

ta~ let's have another visit before it ends on 5th Dec :D

Monday, November 29, 2010

MAHA Exposition 2010 | Food

26 Nov 2010
Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show(MAHA) is a biennial expo that held from Nov 26th for 10 days until Dec 5th this year in UPM. my first visit was on MAHA 2008 and i think that was their first time too. It was quite a success as there were super crowded with people.
The area is very big. You definitely need to spend your whole day in order to visit to every stations of the expo. They have agriculture, fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, aqua, fish and seafood-based products, floriculture and landscape products, palm-based products, herbs and spices, handicraft and many more. Buses are provided to take you to each stations and to the car park(RM3 for each parking). Click here for more information about MAHA.

Our first station was Hall D at the 'Dewan Utama' area (have four main halls) which is main for foods exhibition. There are many stalls selling foods like traditional foods, agro-food, innovative products and many more. Most of them are free for tasting before purchase.


kelopok ikan (kind of crawy fishball?) i love this

kuih keladi and labu (potato and pumpkin cake)

colorful kek lapis Sarawak (Sarawak layer cake)

kuih dodol from Malacca

 the marking of kuih dodol


 instant cup porridge = =''

 chocolate cake

 kopi-o coffee

sth like bean curd nuggets

 pizza pizza

pineapple products
 my favorite! pineapple tarts

 ehmm.. no idea.. honey?

seaweed drinks
 guava juice

 muffin and pizza

 chocolate made in Malaysia

 a random shot at the canteen

the canteen is at the lower floor in Hall D which is mainly selling Malay foods from different states of Malaysia

 my lunch, mee laksa Sarawak
spicy n oily :(

we didn't visit to all stations as the traffic would be very very jam during the everning. Hence, we just went to our interested stations. next station: flowers, plants and fruits. They have super gorgeous orchid!

MAHA International 2010
26th Nov 2010 - 5th Dec 2010
10a.m. - 10p.m.
MAEPS, Serdang (Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang)