Monday, May 30, 2011



c there is a mushroom head


old town

the bi


some random dim sum breakfast at sri kembangan 
it reminds me of something really really sad hmm


all photos were taken with my kit 1855 
hmm i started to love wide angle 
18mm is just lovely n now i'm hoping for a wider lens blek :P

The Lovely Brunch

it was his birthday
9 March 2011

we had our brunch at levain
which has lovely and comfortable environment as always


heng ! he is a coffee addict !

yummy yummy

french toast

creamy mushroom soup
they had served it cheaper in smaller potion

tom yam spaghetti

too oily but it was delicious


to be continued

lerk zai's birthday

25 February 2011

Kissaten @ IOI Boulevard

here i posted some random food photos.. but i totally couldn't recall their names and taste..

i like this pic so much~ love their natural smiling faces !

best friends forever !

birthday boy lerk zai with kc
kc n the smartest shark sj boy

ink lerk wit ah pang

ah bu was happy with the money

nah, group photo.. i miss u all ! hope you all are doing well huh !
p/s: sorry lo, jinhern, my fault for not counting 1,2,3 before taking this photo.. but i wonder what were u actually looking at that time XD

guys favorite game