Sunday, April 18, 2010

i swear.

I swear I didn't forget 3rd of April is my blog 1 year old birthday!
I swear I'm just kinda busy that time~
Happy Birthday comfitchronicle.blogspot~ You know I love you always~ :DDD

Saturday, April 17, 2010

long time ago

when I have my camera n kit lens with me

in my mum's secret garden

Friday, April 2, 2010

belated birthday post

09 March 2010
his birthday
it was a Tuesday
so i went back Seremban after class

the must, birthday cake! :D

love this green tea red bean cake

happy birthday ~

after celebrating with his family
we went to Kensington Western Restaurant @ Era Square, Seremban
to have our dinner ♥

yum yum .. this fish fillet damn sedap! n d cheesy prawns~

whole set
with chicken chop, fish fillet, cheesy prawns, potato wedges, garlic breads n salad

ice cream ♥
we couldn't finish it as the portion of this set meal is quite large for us

it was a delightful meal
unexpected delicious tasty yummy foods from Kensington
nice atmosphere
prices are ok and service is not bad too

so his birthday ended up with his lovely girlfriend and Alice in Wonderland
i love Red Queen ♥

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hor Hor Hor! OMG!

劲爆  地下情

ah keng & pei ling lovely kissy kissy~
muaks muaks~

happy april fool :P
sorry, hope u guys dun mind >,<

3 weeks ago.

13 March 2010
we have a farewell dinner for my bubu sis
and this is my last time to use my camera :)

统一酒家 Royal Restaurant @ Seremban

wuwu~ my all time favorite~ ♥

stir fried lotus root

hoho~ damn fat~

and the steamed bread(man tou)

wuh~ crispy skin roast duck~

my bubu sis n dear rou rou

lastly the desserts~

geli = =

oooh ooh ooh
i love u all
i know my bubu sis is doing really good at there now :DDD
n she is so good in using dslr . . damn fast learner :DDD x2
ya . . i know my photography skill is still lousy n no improvement at all :(

p/s: bu xiu, stop eating BR! keep fit lor~

1st April 2010

Happy April Fool!