Saturday, September 25, 2010

weekend post

feeling lucky to go back hometown this weekend after the killing exam week
my initial plan is to stay in apartment this weekend
since i'm going to the very-first-in-my lifetime marathon tomorrow morning hahahaha
but i have to go back to take a replacement hp for my spoiled old one
my bro bought some haagen-dasz ice-cream
they don't taste awesome but i do enjoy eating haha
and i have finally tried out his ps move
he got it last week but i need to study for my tests ma
hahaha i think i'm good in archery and volleyball! blek :P
and my sister couldn't stop laughing at my superstar picture XD
let's talk about its technologies and sensor next time~

see you guys tomorrow on mcd run!

pasta zanmai

24 September 2010
pasta zanmai@sunwat pyramid

pasta or spaghetti is always my favorite cooking in apartment
it is fast, easy and convenient to cook like the instant maggie mee
and importantly it's delicious!
normally i don't eat any spaghetti meal in restaurant because they are expensive lo
not worth at all and some restaurant even over-cooked the spaghetti :(
but hor.. i quite likey the one served in pasta zanmai
paiseh.. my first time eating in pasta zanmai :P

pasta pasta

the environment
i quite likey their japanese snack concept store
especially their green tea+red bean ice-cream(click to see the photo)

mini set that comes with two dishes RM23
a mini pizza behind and the pasta

ingredients: pasta, prawns, squids, and mushrooms
i think it is served in kimuchi soup
simple and really small portion but it is just enough for me

close up for the pasta
the squid is a bit hard to chew
taste ok

close up for the half boiled egg mini pizza
a thin cracker topping with chicken meat under the seaweeds on each slides with mayonnaise
and the half boiled egg is in the middle
my first acceptable half boiled egg haha
yummy :)

chicken katsu RM13
it has lots of onion slides, crispy chicken with egg served with white rice in big portion

close-up for the chicken!
it is too salty :(

this is a haha head!

edited from an original blur image to a water painting image
simply love this picture = ='' i have really weird art taste

tara~ ps move is fun! :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy happy saturday

18 September 2010

i think i have fall in love with caca(ma ricoh camera) for close-up photo shooting~~
u see u see those photos from her~ so sharp in detail li~ beah tahan la~ haha
ya la~ i love to bring her out with us recently~ she is so light and gorgeous in detail shooting~
of course she is very suitable for my foodography too~
but i dun really like her bluish photo and
her iso control hor... hmm.. is really bad.. :(
anyway i still hope that i can fully utilize her~ perform to the max~

saturday~ as usual my breakfast at the same place with him~
click to read my previous "every saturday'' post~

my favorite~ must eat with their homemade chili sauce!~

his~ is yummy too~ served with wantan in spicy black pepper soup~


lunch at pizza hut which does not serve the best pizza but i like it cheesy~

love cheese powder not?

love cheese and pizza not?

here comes the pizza hut extra 25% cheese pizza set for two~ RM22.43 nett~
yes extra 25%~ it is a lot more cheesy than last time~

wuhuu~ so so so cheesy~ tempting huh?

the starter~ mushroom soup with cheese powder~

garlic bread always goes well with the mushroom soup~ creamy yummy~

love the close-up detail shooting from caca~ wuhuu~

carbonate drinks, not my favor

top view~ see the beautiful water vapor on the glass~ heehee heee

we couldn't finish it! dabao lu~

dada!! our together-gather picture~
we have very few since having dslr~ this is so precious~~
love ur bubu head har~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ~

i always eat sooo much on my saturday ahhh !!
bad weekdays come after the nice weekend.. and i had given myself two weeks of mid sem break :P back to sch with 3 tests and the fyp competition thingy(i tot i have escaped) = =''
oh.. my hp bye bye d.. our 4 year relationship has ended.. hmm.. :(

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

meet caca

my sista new ricoh camera
so now u know her
she will appear in my blog very frequently liao la har
click to read her first post

Monday, September 20, 2010


有一天 可以带我家的两只北鼻 到海边乱跑

Saturday, September 18, 2010

langkawi | 11.9c

回旅店冲凉后 就去购物噜
最后冲刺 一个人只可以带一只酒回去




买了很少巧克力 原来男人比较厉害购物叻 输了 =3=''
问了载我们来回island hopping的司机 他们都说昨天我们吃海鲜的地方比较便宜
所以晚餐就去那里解决咯 不过是别一档 那里好像都没卖猪肉的

招牌芝麻鸡 酱汁不错

没关系 我喜欢菜胆

蒸鱼 新鲜 好吃

蚝煎 好好吃哦!


分量较昨天的多 味道也较好 不过价钱也较贵 酱普通的菜一个人也大概吃了RM20哦
因为购物后 大家都破产了 所以又没叫螃蟹吃了

最后一晚 又回旅店 吖零食喝酒噜
开心 :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

langkawi | 11.9b

island hopping RM35一人 到旅店载送
他们竟然开了一辆大巴士来旅店只载我们六人 不好意识 >///<

上船去 包了六人一艘
穿着救生衣 前往第一个目的地 挺远的

pulau beras basah


洁白的沙滩 蓝蓝的海






拍到很丑下 setting没调好 :(

丑啊 :(


然后多给五块钱去喂鱼场 那里有现钓现煮的餐厅 不过开斋节没开门

都是渔夫不小心捕到的 然后他们送来这里养 等有关当局来放生

每个人都会有一小罐鱼料 喂鱼去

海龟 吃鱼 不吃鱼料


可爱 ♥



下站 pulau dayang bunting
有个岛的形状像孕妇 有个孕妇传说


走一短路进去就会到tasik dayang bunting啦 岛上的淡水湖

奇怪 没有fish spa了 鱼都不见了


游泳噜 很深的湖 动不到底哦

带坐船穿的救生衣来吧 不用钱

这里一向出名猴子多有fish spa的 不知怎么只有很少很少猴子 鱼也一只都没有 :(

四小时多的island hopping 个人觉得很不错爽下