Sunday, August 30, 2009

starbucks @ jusco seremban2

30 08 09
enjoy our tea time at starbucks
and hav some shooting at there

caramel hot chocolate and coffee frappuccino

he is the model~

and i'm the photographer XP


happy 52nd, malaysia
peace !

foodtiam @ seremban2

30 08 09

lunch at seremban 2

the restaurant has 3 different style of environment

pentagon bokeh ! :D

hongkie char siew RM5.80

" from 《食神

rendang nasi lemak RM6.80

why dun hav egg yolk wan?? >,<

:) :) :)
bokeh fever ! ~

to be continue..
---> starbucks

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

weekends make me fat :P

i'm thinking to change my blog to photoblog
less words and more photos
can? can? can?
nyak nyak nyak
ok la
since i have sufficient reasons to do so

1)i'm not good in writing especially in english
2)i'm very lazy (the strongest reason !! :P)
3)my dear n sis said they never read what i wrote,
they just wanna c my photos,

so start from now
let all my photos tell the story of the day
wuhuu~ XP

21 08 09

22 08 09
dim sum as breakfast
i have forgotten where is the restaurant = =

the end

hope u enjoy 'reading' the photos in my blog
have a nice day :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

pasar malam

hmmm..some random shots at pasar malam @ seremban

Thursday, August 20, 2009

kim gary @ sungai wang plaza

after a week break..
i'm having lots of tests, quizzes n assignments to complete..
sien mood..
so i have to abandon my blog for a while
i just got my new external flash last saturday..
but i have no time to try it out ..

i went to kim gary wit him to hav our dinner tat day..

hmm...let the photos tell the story..
again about what i had eaten = =
ya..i eat i snap n i post..haha

country set RM13.90
pork chop n sausages in black paper sauce with spaghetti
served with veges n a sunny egg

stone grilled rice set RM15.90
grilled rice topping with curry pork chop,veges n sunny egg

drinks come with the set


playing with the soup

my sunshine

my ugly hair style

i gain 2kg after the break!!
= =''
fatty fatty fatty

in bad mood now
coz i cant do well in my test
tired la

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

happy birthday miss naughty

lubby a.k.a. miss lu or lubby du
is now 1year old luuu~
haha..she is a GR that my bf bought her from malacca
y m i calling her miss naughty?
the answer is very simple
because she is very naughty lo
ya..she is tooo..over playful
she likes to bully strangers
every time when i visit to my bf's house
she will keep jumping to hug me and lick me..
until i can't tahan and my hands are all wet with her saliva = =
but i still like her very much~she is too cute~
now she has grown 10+ times huger within a year
muakss muakss~xoxo
lub,hope u grow healthy and happily ever after~

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the famous krispy kreme

i had finally tried out the very berry famous krispy kreme!!
i went to last friday to search for my targeting extenal flash(but i did not buy it at last)
then i went to berjaya times square for only one reason..yes!KRISPY KREME~
so i bought a dozen of their variety donuts..
surprisingly the price is quite similar to the other donut shops like big apple n
the donuts are TOOooo SWEET!!yuck..super duper sweet..
i felt like i will get diabetes after eating their donuts!
seriously..i think they should cut down their suger content..
because this is really not healthy ..

krispy kreme variety donuts
they are actually quite nice but taste too sweet except the peanut butter flavor(at the most bottom right coner)